The popular startup is now in mass circulation in North America!

Snag this medical grade air sterilizer cheaper, no duties or import fees, shipped from here in Canada.


b-MOLA GO has 3 filtering systems: HEPA filter, Active Oxygen Generator, and NCCO filter. The system can clean 99% of any harmful and unhealthy elements in the air. This is the same structure used in hospital air purification systems. 


NCCO is short for Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation. Instead of absorbing the chemical pollutants like traditional air purification technology, NCCO sanitizes up to 99.97% of harmful air and smells. Instantly destroy any room odor and air pollutants with b-MOLA with its patented NCCO technology.
Powerful and portable, the b-Mola GO is the first medical-grade air purifier designed for consumer usage. Unlike traditional air purifiers, b-Mola GO utilizes the most effective NCCO patented technology (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation). NCCO is widely used in many hospitals and public areas to provide you with the best quality air.


Clean Air Delivery Rate: 14.7 CFM

Fan Speed Settings: 2

Features: HEPA, True HEPA Filter


Assembled Height

8.73 in

Assembled Length

6.59 in

Assembled Weight

2.12 lb

Assembled Width

3.54 in

Bmola Portable Air Sterilizer NCCO1804